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Urban Ivy Aromas

Noir oak and cedarwood

Noir oak and cedarwood

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A rich woody oriental fragrance with bergamot, cardamon and ginger lifted by exotic ylang leading to an intense heart of cedar and clove with jasmin and water lily resting on a hard wood base of oak and sandalwood smoothed by the warm tropical balsam of benzoin, vanilla pod, patchouli and dried fig.

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Tranquil Sleep Candle


A sensual herbal fragrance opening with relaxing sweet orange and rosemary. It then leads onto a calming lavender and geranium heart, while resting on a cedar wood and patchouli base.


Weight: 200g ℮ 400g

How to care for your scented soy candle

Setting the burn memory

The first burn of your scented candle sets the burn memory. allow at least 4 hours for this & do not extinguish flame until the wax has melted to the edge of the glass. Note: the time this will take is dependent on the temperature of the room you are burning the candle in, a hot room will achieve this faster than a cold room,

After the first burn

After the first burn – burn the candle for a minimum of one hour, but no longer than 4 hours at a time – this ensures the candle will always burn to edge of glass, thus minimising the chance of flooding the wick

If your scented candle starts to burn unevenly

If your scented candle starts to burn unevenly, this is most likely from a draught. Turn the candle to even up the burn and then move to a different location as draughts will speed up the burn time

Re-centre the wick

After each burn, before the wax has set, re-centre the wick – this will help ensure an even burn.

Trim the wick

Trim the wick of your scented candle to 5mm once the candle is cold and remove any debris, as this can cause smoke

Keep your scented soy candle upright

Keep your scented candles upright and out of direct sunlight. Soy wax has a low melt point and some oils will discolour in sunlight

Scented soy candle burning safety instructions

Never leave a burning scented candle unattended

Keep candles away from children, pets and furnishings

Stop burning your scented candle once it is 1.5cm from the base of the glass – failure to do so can result in the glass exploding

Do not place / burn your scented candle on a heated surface (i.e. heater/fire), this will speed up the burn time & could cause bottom of the candle glass to overheat & potentially explode


Contains: Soy wax , Eucalyotol, Limonene, Linayl Acetate